mockingbird 3

Some birds seem to be more tolerant of having their photo taken than others. I appreciate these cheeky northern mockingbirds for being such cooperative subjects. They give this beginning bird photographer an ego boost.

A note on my bird identification: I am not a pro at figuring out what type of bird I am photographing. My IDs come from Google or Facebook or the one California wildlife identification book I own. So if I’m ever wrong, please let me know.

mockingbird 2

When in flight, I could see the flash of white on the underside of their wings, which my reading tells me is one of the most notable characteristics of northern mockingbirds. Someday, I will learn how to take a great photo of a fast-moving bird, but today is not that day. So for now, the photos that come out well are of birds who are (almost) still. Seeing that in general birds are in constant speedy motion, I feel like I’ve won something every time I happen upon a bird who lets me take her picture.


I walked up to the red berry bush, thinking about taking a photo of the berries, when a bird unexpectedly fluttered out from somewhere in its depths. She had no doubt been hunting insects for her dinner. I managed to snap several photos, trying out various settings, while she eyed me warily and hopped about. Soon after, she flew away.


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