One morning it was raining and I was almost certain I would not be taking any photos that day, but I brought my camera with me anyway. I have already learned this lesson: Bring your camera anyway.


While I was driving the 15 miles from my home to work, the rain stopped and the sun started peaking over the horizon. So instead of going straight to the office, I stopped at nearby Bedwell Bayfront park to see what sorts of birds might be congregating there in the early hours.


There was quite a selection of birds, and I managed a few photos, but the best pictures of the morning featured an unexpected subject: snails. I noticed that there were many snails crawling up some dead stick-like weeds. This was the smallest thing I had attempted to photograph with my DSLR so far. Since I don’t have a macro lens, I had read about how to photograph small things with a zoom lens. I crouched down so that I was at the level of the snails, keeping some distance between myself and them. If I had been using my iPhone, I would have gotten as close as possible.


From a distance of about 4 feet, I zoomed in on the snails and was able to capture several pleasing images with nice soft backgrounds. Here is another area where using a DSLR shines- the ability to create nice soft backgrounds. Occasionally I would do this with my phone, but it was not something I could reliably replicate.


Why do snails climb after rain? I guess only snails can know.


2 thoughts on “Snails

  1. Awesome! My favourite camera trick. Also rain is especially great for taking close up pictures with a DSLR. Your camera can handle some moisture, just stick it inside a jacket when not using it. Raindrops make everything beautiful!


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