Fruit and vegetables – iPhone Photos Revisited

I recently spent several months organizing my thousands of iPhone photos and one of the most abundant categories was produce. Farmers markets are in my top reasons to live here. As an East Coast native, I fully appreciate the abundant variety of fresh produce available for reasonable prices all year round in a way native Californians can’t quite understand.

I feel quite giddy whenever I go to a farmers market. And there are so many of them. They’re everywhere.

I didn’t know I liked strawberries until I lived in California. Strawberries were lackluster flavorless fruits people dipped in sugar to give them taste. The first year I was here, I ate a pint of strawberries for breakfast every single day for months.


So many colorful peppers.

I was playing around with one of those clip on macro lenses for the big blueberry.

golden beets

Is it an alien? A strange desert landscape? Nope! Golden beets.


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