Flowers – iPhone Photos Revisited

This was by far the most difficult collection for me to sift through. Flowers are my favorite painting subject, so I am constantly taking photographs of them. And here is yet another way in which the Bay Area shines – there are flowers blooming all year round.

Yes, I am that person who is walking around your neighborhood taking pictures of the flowers in your lawn. I am that person stooping down to take a photo of the landscaping in your office park. I am the person who hikes to the top of mountains and spends more time inspecting the ground for wildflowers than admiring the view.

I can’t wait to start taking photos of flowers with my DSLR. But looking through these iPhone photos from the past 4 years, I think, this is where the iPhone shines.  I have been continually impressed with how beautiful flowers can look in iPhone photos. For some of these I set the camera on HDRI. And for others I used a clip-on macro lens. But for the most part, I took these using the iPhone camera unassisted.

I have even trained my boyfriend to point out interesting flowers to me when we’re walking around the neighborhood together.

For this post, I really tried to choose from among my thousands of flower photos the ones that I felt were the best photographs, not simply the best flowers. Because flowers are really beautiful no matter how you frame them, but any beginning photographer can tell you that the composition and the background are imperative to creating a great photo.

Now I want to paint.


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