Trees – iPhone Photos Revisited

Someday it is going to stop raining here and I am going to take more pictures. We need the rain, so I can’t complain too much. But I really want to go hiking and photographing! Ah well, it will all be quite lovely when it finally does stop.

Today I’ve gathered up some of my favorite photos of trees around the area that were taken with my iPhone 5 over the last 4 years.

I’ve found that it is difficult to express the true size of the tallest, largest trees in a photograph. Since I’m usually by myself on my hikes and walks, I don’t have a person with me to stand beside the trees for scale.

Sometimes the detail of the peeling bark is quite interesting.

Currently I live in Burlingame, which has an ordinance against cutting down trees. My neighborhood is full of interesting trees, sidewalks be damned.

Moss growing on bark makes for interesting textures and color combinations.

Finally, here are a few of many photos I’ve taken of the same tree at Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve, which was my most commonly hiked park when I lived in Redwood City. This tree is at the top of the initial climb and it always seemed like a good place to pause and have a look around at the view, and snap a picture or two of course.


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