Coyote Point Recreation Area

I love this time of year around here. There comes a time, after rain has been falling, where the green comes out. It always seems impossibly vivid after long dry brown summers and weeks of grey cloudy skies.


Coyote Point Recreation Area is a small park on the bay where I sometimes walk after work. San Francisco can be seen across the water, if the visibility is good. There was nice light there this evening as the sun dropped behind the mountains to the west.

city by the bay

Back to the green though, it was definitely the star of the show. Wildflowers are starting to come out too and the next few months will be wildflower heaven for hikers.

orange flowers

Canadian Geese are so large and unafraid they are sort of like cheating at bird photography. I know enough to keep a reasonable distance from them though, as they can be nasty. Still, I find them quite beautiful with their black necks and striking white beards. And I appreciate their willingness to be photographed.

three geesetwo geesefive geese

As I was leaving, I was losing the light but as I looked back toward the park from my car, I saw a pelican fishing and had to try to get a shot of him. The pelicans are truly magnificent. I dream of the day I can capture a really nice close photograph of one.



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