Seal Point Park

I went to a new park today, Seal Point Park in San Mateo. The closest point of land visible in the right of the following photo is Coyote Point Recreation Area (see yesterday’s post). I enjoy it when I can see one park or hiking spot from another. It completes the picture when I have seen a park both from within and from afar. Bonus if I have seen it from multiple viewpoints.

view from seal

Hazy day and San Francisco appears to be floating on a cloud.

seal point

The park has a collection of wind sculptures. It wasn’t windy today but I am intrigued to see these structures in motion and will certainly return.

These dry black dead flowers are everywhere lately and I always notice what a cool shape they have. Wildflowers are blooming in other areas of the park.

weeds sil

purple wildflowers

Obligatory bird photo of the day. I believe they are sandpipers.

birds on rocks

Looking west toward San Mateo as the sun goes down.

san mateo



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