February Wildflowers at Pulgas Ridge OSP

I consider Pulgas Ridge Open Space Reserve my park. When I lived in Redwood City, it was just up the road from my apartment. Now that I live a little further away, I don’t go there as often. I wanted to go somewhere familiar today so I could futz around with my camera and not worry about remembering where I was going. Also, since I’ve been to this park so many times all year round, I know where to look for the wildflowers and what is blooming now. It is really lovely there this time of year, and there was actually water in the creek! I have never seen water in the creek in the 3 years I have been going here. Good job, El Niño.

Lots of things blooming today, early wildflower season has begun. Here are the flowers I saw today, identified with the help of the Audubon Society’s Field Guide to California and of course, Dr. Google.


Hounds Tongue:

Hounds Tongue 02

Indian Warrior:

Indian Warrior

This was a new one to me, and I can see why. It was small and greenish and easily missed. I only saw one small cluster of these Fetid Adder’s Tongues:

Fetid Adders Tongue

Manzanita was blooming everywhere. It smells so good:

Manzanita PinkManzanita small cluster

I saw a few Shooting Stars, looks like their season is just beginning:

Shooting Stars

Twisty vines of Bedstraw and the ubiquitous yellow Radishroot Woodsorrel:

I’ll have to go back soon and keep up with the new blossoms. I saw the beginnings of some of my favorites. Buckeye! I love the smell of that one too.

These last two photos aren’t flowers, just some shots of foliage I like. Captures the very GREEN feeling of the day.

bright green herb bunchLight from above leaves


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