Under the San Mateo Bridge

I walked a new part of the Bay Trail today, between Seal Point Park and the San Mateo Bridge. This part of the trail is a paved recreational trail.

Bay Trail Curve Toward Bridge

I saw a man fishing, not an uncommon sight along the Bay Trail. I liked the look of his big hat.

Fisherman with San Mateo Bridge

This is the part they call the “high rise” when they’re telling me about the traffic on the news. The San Mateo bridge is a nice bridge. I like the way it looks, both from the ground and when driving on it. Wouldn’t want to be driving on it during rush hour like these people though.

San Mateo Bridge with Reflection

I made it all the way to the bridge. Here’s the view from the south side. I’d never seen it from this vantage point before. Cool. I’ll have to come back on a day with better light. Today was hazy and too sunny at the same time.

San Mateo Bridge South Side


Here’s a view from underneath. I love the reflections the water casts up onto the concrete structure.

Close Up Underneath San Mateo Bridge


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