Great Blue Heron

I was really excited that I got to get this close to a great blue heron and managed several pleasing photos. This bird was definitely like the holy grail of bird photography for me, I just love them. He was hanging out in a pond at the San Francisco Botanical Garden and seemed to be a lot less skittish than the ones I tend to see by the bay.


Look at him, he’s so cool!

Heron with back light

He was walking deliberately around the pond looking for a snack, but he may as well have been a model working his angles and showing himself off in different lights.

Heron light on face

I loved this moment when the light from the water reflected up onto his face.

Heron through grasses

Just when I thought I had gotten super lucky to get so close, I got even closer! Thanks for the time, heron. It was great. You’re a true beauty of a bird.


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