The Colorful Beauty of White Flowers

One of my main interests in photography, aside from the photos themselves, is to use my pictures a reference for painting. Lately I have had a desire to paint white flowers, so I made sure to take a lot of photos of them at the San Francisco Botanical Garden the other day. And I am just beyond thrilled with the results.

white flower4

Painting white objects is one of the most interesting things to do, because what you’re really doing is painting light and reflected color and shadow. Of course, all painting is like that to some degree, but when you are painting a subject without its own coloration, you can really see it without the distractions of the objects’ own colors.

The way the light shines through the flowers, making them appear to glow is just so magical to me.

white flower3

The more pictures I take, and the more I paint, the more I realize that flowers are my ultimate favorite subject. There is enough variety of shape and color and size and translucency to keep me infinitely amused.

white flower5

I was also pleased that while editing these photos, I didn’t feel any of them needed to be cropped. What you see is what you get, photos as framed when shot with only minor color correction in Camera Raw.

white flower2

The last image, and the one I chose as the featured image, is my favorite because it looks like studio lighting, but it’s natural good luck, or as I think of it, Sunlight Magic. I love white flowers.

spotlight white6


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