March Sunrise

I know we’re going to change our clocks this weekend, and unlike most people I’m looking forward to it. I’m an early bird and sometimes lately I’ve been waking up at 4:30 am but convincing myself to go back to sleep because it’s just ridiculous to get up then. However, next week, it won’t be quite as ridiculous when 4:30 becomes 5:30 and I will really be able to catch full sunrises. Anyway, I did pop out of bed ready to go at 5:15 this morning and caught a nice sunrise from Seal Point park.


Ah, super wide angle! This was taken other lens I bought myself. It’s the Canon EFS 10-18mm IS. I wanted a super wide angle for vistas and for hiking photos with lots of trees.

But I also wanted to try out the macro lens on vistas, and I have to say I really like the result. This lens just makes everything look so nice to my eye. Well worth the cost.


I love the view of the city at sunrise. Such nice warm, golden light and Turneresque skies.


In the morning at Seal Point, there are a ton of red-winged blackbirds singing their strange song. It sound a little like a digital ringtone to my ears.



3 thoughts on “March Sunrise

    1. I can’t wait to take it hiking 🙂 It’s also nice because it’s smaller and lighter. Hoping I can use it in portrait orientation to take some really great tall redwood tree pictures.

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