Purisima Creek Redwoods – Part 1, Down

I went hiking in the clouds today and found out why they call it a rain forest. It was a foggy morning, but not raining. The trees made rain out of the clouds! Lovely soft tree rain. I was hoping for a foggy morning hike, and it turned out I got an entire foggy day for the whole 11 miles of my hike.

I decided to split this into two posts since I took so many photos I like. This particular hike is down and then back up again – a tad torturous for the last slog up to the end, but I think this format is growing on me. Going downhill is harder on the knees and a bit more treacherous when it’s muddy (and it was very muddy today), so it’s nice to do it while one’s legs are still fresh and enthusiastic.

Purisima Creek is a great Open Space Preserve. It might be the best hiking around here if I factor in ease of travel (only 20 min from my apartment), ease of parking, and relative emptiness. I didn’t see a single person on the 5 mile trek down. I did see a few on the way back up when it wasn’t early morning anymore. It’s mostly second growth redwoods, as the area was logged extensively back around 1900. But you do find an occasional giant that survived. Anyway, it’s really just a lovely place. Here are photos from the first half, the way down Whittenmore Gulch Trail. I’ll post the pictures from the way back up tomorrow.


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