Filoli Flowers

I finally visited Filoli just in time for rose season. I missed the tulips, but I prefer roses anyway, so it’s all good. Oh, if I did not have to work. I would sign up for all of their botanical art classes and spend my days looking at, photographing, drawing, painting, and smelling flowers. But I digress.

I toured the inside and took some wide angle shots first, before getting down to the important matter of the flowers.

What I liked best about the inside was the flower arrangements, clearly provided by the garden.

Ok, but enough of that. Flowers! They have rows and rows of rose bushes. Every possible color of rose.

Look at this thing! It’s some kind of flower pom pom.

Filoli Purple Pom Pom

There are some really interesting and fancy flowers in the garden. Apparently they are constantly changing things out so it would be worth visiting multiple times to see more. I love this twillight blue/purple color that kept popping up.

Water lilies were blooming in the reflecting pond.

Filoli Water Lilies

Birds, dragonflies, lizards, deer and bunnies seemed to love this place. I managed to capture a pretty cool shot of one of the red dragonflies. The tiny blue ones were too quick for me.

Filoli red dragonfly


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