Monte Bello Open Space Preserve

I hiked in a new park today, Monte Bello Open Space Preserve. I keep a Google Earth map of the parks I have hiked in the Bay Area. My goal is to hike ALL of the parks. It’s a long term project. Here’s a screenshot of my hiking map:

Hiking places

Monte Bello is the southern-most park I’ve visited, aside from Big Basin. Slowly working my way down the Santa Cruz mountains.

This seems like a good time to mention my love of Bay Area Hiker. I’ve done many of her hikes, including the one I did today, which you can find here. I highly recommend her site, it is a great place to get hiking ideas and help identifying wildflowers.

I took my wide angle and my macro lens with me today. I’m going to share my vistas first, and then I’ll add a second post with flowers tomorrow (lots of those!)

I really liked this park. Rolling hills, lovely long mountain views, a stream with rushing water, and just a nice overall experience. It was quiet and relatively empty for a bay area park on a pleasant Sunday. My personal favorite thing here was the view of the fog cloud icing hanging over the mountains to to west.

Monte Bello1Monte Bello2Monte Bello3Monte Bello4Monte Bello5Monte Bello6Monte Bello7


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