Photos and the Future of this Blog

Walking around the bay trail in Burlingame the other day, even the egrets looked cold with a brisk wind blowing and the sun setting at 5.


At the beginning of this year, I embarked on a quest to teach myself to use a DSLR. A couple of online classes and 7,000 photos later, I feel competent with my Canon EOS 40D. I added a very nice macro lens and a great ultra wide angle lens to my toolkit mid-year. I’ve gone out shooting about 70 times over the year. I really like going out with my camera for the purpose of taking photographs.


My purpose for wanting to take better pictures goes beyond photography though. I am an artist and I use my photos as reference for my art. Now that I feel pretty competent at the photography, I am planning to expand this blog to be not just about my photos, but also my art, much of which will be based on the photos. So, soon I will repurpose this blog to include posts and photos of my art.

Thinking about photography as an art instead of thinking about snapping pictures as an afterthought while out and about has improved my art quite a bit. I certainly plan to continue and am contemplating upgrading my camera. Perhaps this is the mark of a true photographer: the desire to constantly buy more gear! In any case, look for a change to the format of this blog soon. It’s been a great year.



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