November Sketchbook

This month I took on the challenge of filling an entire sketchbook in one month. The idea of this came from an awesome Facebook group called NaSkeFiMo (National Sketchbook Filling Month). We’re continuing in December if anyone wants to join in.

The only rule was to fill a sketchbook. Any size, any length, any materials. There’s some awesome work in the group. I love sharing and being inspired by other artists. Probably the number one positive thing about social media, come to think of it.

I chose a small Moleskine sketchbook that had been sitting on my table waiting for an idea. To start out with, I cut up some black and grey paper and a watercolor painting and glued in pieces to use as collage elements in my sketches. I really enjoyed coming upon these as I went through my pages. I used various pens and colored pencils for the rest.

I read a book called Cartooning by Ivan Brunetti a little while ago and the quote on my 6th spread was the main idea I had while creating my pages.

“Style is the difference between a circle and the way you draw it.”

With that in mind, my idea was to draw quickly, loosely, and without much planning or fiddling to find the essence of My Style. What is Kate’s style? Sometimes I don’t know. I bounce around between all different kinds of art so it seems a little mixed up. But looking at my pages all together now, I see it. I cannot describe it, but there is a Kate-ness to all my sketches that has been there for as long as I have been drawing. It definitely comes out most clearly in this kind of quick work. But it’s easy to bury it under desires to Be Better. Yes, I can draw very realistically, and I like to do that. But somehow such art becomes more generic and less Me. It is intriguing to try to identify one’s own style without trying to fix it or make perfect the circles. I like what I see and often think about doing more cartooning type work in the future.

Well, enough words, here are my 39 spreads created in the month of November all together:


And here is a slideshow if you’d like a closer look. I rather enjoy how this came out like some kind of abstract avant garde graphic novel about my life interior and exterior. A lot of things happened in November and I see them in my drawings. I worked at the US election. I went on an amazing vacation in Mendocino. I will remember these things when I look back at my sketchbook. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments. Can you describe “Kate Style” with words?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2 thoughts on “November Sketchbook

  1. Reblogged this on She Who Blogs and commented:
    I joined the NaSkeFiMo Group for inspiration, and it worked – I’m taking an online sketching class over at Udemy. I guess I’ll be posting my homework assignments during the December run.
    I totally enjoyed following Kate throughout November.


  2. your sketchbook is wonderful! it’s so different to see your works alltogether like this. a special journey through your universe – or through space and time .. seen by you! 🙂


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