Spring in December

There are some places I photograph that are bursting with obvious subjects, like San Mateo Central Park which has a variety of vibrant flowers or the Bay Trail in Burlingame where the egrets like to hang out.

Then there are other places where I have to really look for things to photograph. Coyote Point is one of those places. I think the photos from places like Coyote Point are more interesting as photos. I should try to approach the other places with the same attitude and see what I get. That attitude being, looking for photos not necessarily interesting things to take photos of.

I saw the first Miner’s Lettuce flower of the year, a field of glowing grass, a California Poppy still wearing his hat, several varieties of mushrooms, and the silhouette of dried flowers with the geometric shape of the electrical towers in in the background.

It feels like a cool spring day. My friends in other places are experiencing their first snow of the season, but here it has been raining and all of the green is exploding.


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