December Texture

Yesterday we had a big rain storm and today it feels like winter (such as winter is in the bay area). It’s cold, but not like what is cold other places. There will be no snow. I don’t own a real coat. Since I grew up in a place with real winter (Pennsylvania) I often find myself comparing as a way to describe what it’s like here in December.

Best I can describe bay area winter in Pennsylvania terms is it is a very long fall, complete with crisp air and crunchy leaves. Scarves are nice, sweaters, but no need for a Winter Coat. But it is also like spring because everything turns green and starts sprouting after some rain. So instead of winter, we have fallspring. Which, I don’t mind saying, I prefer in every way to the hell that is shoveling.

I walked around San Mateo Central Park today and tried to capture some images that reflect the way a clear fallspring afternoon feels to me.


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