Miniature Moss Forest

Finally, after a solid week of rain, I was able to go out and take some pictures after work yesterday. And of course, now it is just gorgeous everywhere. So green. New flowers blooming. I took lots of pictures of those things.

But today I want to share these photos of moss growing on a curb in the late afternoon light as I was headed back to my car. Moss is so intriguing. When you look at it closely you can see another world. And there are so many different types of Moss Forests to see. I love that the macro lens can capture things I can’t see with my naked eye.


Macro Mushrooms

What happens when two photographers go on a hike with macro lenses? It takes 7 hours to go 7 miles!

From our hike yesterday in Wunderlich County Park in Woodside, CA, I have photos of other things, but since so many of my photos are of mushrooms and other fungus (all mushrooms are fungi, not all fungi is a mushroom) I am giving them their own special post. So many various fungi fruit making a go of it in the moist soil and trees. I particularly love the teeny tiny ones growing out of curtains of moss.

I learned a lesson on this hike. If you stop in one place long enough, you start seeing all kinds of tiny things that would otherwise be missed. Seems like a good note on which to end the year. Happy New Year! See you in 2017.


Winter Magnolias

Walking around San Mateo Central Park yesterday, I saw a big magnolia petal on the ground before I notice the large trees covered in blossoms above me.


It was a windy day and I was trying out back button focus  on my new Canon 80D. I am completely sold on this back button focus technique. I normally would have had trouble with capturing sharp flowers that were moving in the wind, but most of my pictures from yesterday came out just lovely, including the challenge of capturing magnolia blossoms high up in their trees.



I love this type of magnolia most of all. I love the two-sided petals, dark pink and white. And the fuzzy nubs before they bloom. And the carpet of petals they drop to the ground.



Flowers in the Rain

The exciting news around here is that I got a new camera. I have upgraded, with the help of santa, from my Canon EOS 40D to a new Canon EOS 80D.

I am in awe of it right off the bat. From the grip to the sound of the shutter, everything is pleasing. Of course, as soon as I get said new camera, it starts raining and is never going to stop! I know the rain brings with it the real beauty in its wake, so I can wait, but in the meantime, I did manage to shoot some raindrops during the sole non-rainy hour of the day.