Abstract Photo Project Update

I just finished month 4 of my abstract photography project. The theme for April was “double expose” – meaning I combined two photos each day using various Photoshop blending modes. This was the most fun month so far and I really like a couple of the results. You can check out all the images by visiting my dedicated Instagram @365.abstractsnaps.17 where I post daily, or following #365abstractsnaps17, where you can join in or see what others are doing with the project. Next month’s theme is “blur and motion.”

Here’s a compilation of all of the Month 4┬áDouble Expose images:

Double-Expose Comp-01

Month 3, Texture and Pattern:


Month 2, Color:


And finally, Month 1, Greyscale (which I wrote more about here)



Greyscale Abstraction

A couple days ago I completed month one of my 2017 photo challenge 365.abstractsnaps.17 (click for more information). The theme for the first month was “Greyscale”. If you’d like to follow along with the daily posts for this project, I am sharing them on instagram @365.abstractsnaps.17

Here is a compilation of all 31 photos:


And a slideshow of the individual images for a closer look. I have chosen my personal favorite of the month as the header image for this post.

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