Hendy Woods

The last park we visited, on the way home from Mendocino, was Hendy Woods, and it was the most awesome of the trip. Hendy Woods is full of old growth giant coastal redwoods! And it was very quiet. Now that I know about this place, it’s definitely where I’m going to take people who want to see big trees and aren’t into strenuous hikes.


Russian Gulch State Park

WordPress reminded me today that I have had this blog for two years. When I started it I wasn’t sure how long I would keep it up. I was learning to use my Canon 80D and wanted something to do with the photos aside from posting on facebook. I found I really enjoy keeping this blog. In fact, I briefly switched the title to include Art (and Photos by Kate) thinking I would post some of my artwork too, but found I didn’t want to do that. I like posting the photos and writing a little something about them without much forethought. It’s not a lot of work and it’s relaxing. It gives me an incentive to edit my photos, which is needed. I seem to know a lot of photographers who take a lot of pictures and never really look at them or edit them. Personally I don’t see how you get better if you don’t look at your pictures, but ok 🙂

So I kept this to Bay Area Photos by Kate. I did start an art blog on my real website too, if anyone’s interested. It’s HERE. Not too many people read this or look at it though and perhaps that’s part of the charm. A couple of “likes” a very occasional comment. Not a lot of views. I’m posting these photos pretty much just because I want to and enjoy doing it.

So anyway, here are some more photos from the trip, these are from Russian Gulch State Park which was exceptionally green. There was so much poison oak and such overgrown trails, it’s a miracle I didn’t get it. After a bout with it earlier this year, I would like to never get it again! Horrifying stuff, really. But somehow, possibly by holding my arms in the air going “don’t touch don’t touch don’t touch,” I was spared. It’s a beautiful park with a nice waterfall destination.


Armstrong Redwoods

The first park we visited on our trip last weekend was Armstrong Redwoods near Guerneville. The hike we did was only about 3 miles, but it was a very attractive 3 miles with a few large trees, a waterfall, and lots of pretty green scenery. It was foggy and very lightly raining, some of the best redwood forest weather.

This park has a good amount of accessible trails which is pretty cool – you can see the big trees even if you’re not into hiking. Of the three hikes we did on the trip, this one had the most people. There was a cute nature store there where I picked up a book and a t-shirt.

It’s good this was a short hike as it was the first one I did after having the flu and I certainly didn’t feel up to my usual level of energy or breathing. But I still enjoyed the scenery and suffered no adverse effects.

If you look closely you can see my friend hugging one of the giant redwoods 🙂


Mendocino Trip

I have been unable to post lately due to a malfunctioning laptop power source. I just received a replacement and it seems to be working now so we’re back in business. But there’s also a new toy in the mix: I got a 2017 iPad Pro for Christmas and I’m thinking about switching my photo editing to Lightroom CC on the iPad. In any case, it’s nice to have another option. I may write more about this at some point if I figure out a good workflow for my Canon 80D to iPad.

Anyway, last weekend I went on a trip with a friend for my 40th birthday and we went to three lovely parks, Armstrong Redwoods, Russian Gulch State Park and Hendy State Park. I have a lot of photos from the hikes as well as some nice ocean views I’ll share over the next week as I have time. To start with here are some of my favorites from the trip. Giant redwoods and tiny mushrooms. Lovely waterdrops after the season’s first good rain.


SF Botanical Garden January 2018

It’s my birthday week and I have to cram 2 weeks of vacation into one week since I lost last week to the fly, therefore I will do my favorite things. Today I did one of the best things to do in San Francisco: went to the botanical garden and had lunch at Nopalito. By the way, if you go there order the Caldo Tlalpeño con Pollo, it is divine.



New Year, New Ducks

I’ve spent the last week sick with the flu, curled up on the couch under blankets when not sleeping for 12 hours straight a day. Finally today I felt well enough to go out for a longer walk, though still a bit fatigued. I’m glad I got to see the strangely glassy and still water of the king tide bay on the first day of the year. Numerous ducks are migrating through the area right now, and of course my old favorites the egrets are still out and about. It’s warm for January, and the rain has not yet come, but it is forecast to be headed our way soon.


The Shortest Days

I took these photos around 2:30 pm today, but they have an evening, late light feeling nonetheless. We had one rain this week, a little one. So far, a very dry winter. I’m still holding out hope for a rainy January and/or February. Last year the winter magnolia trees had already bloomed and the petals had fallen to the ground. This year, they are still but small fuzzy buds.


Warm for December

It was drier and warmer at Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve today than it was last time I went, in September. We haven’t had much rain. A few showers last month, nothing recently. Last year at this time everything was soaking wet and muddy. I hope the rain is just later this year, not absent. Things looked a little dry and dusty, which is something I associate with August, not December. Also, it was warm! In the sunny places I was hot.


Windy Sunset at Coyote Point

Today was a very windy afternoon by the bay today. Birds were out in droves and they looked like they were having so much fun with the wind. There were some humans having fun with the wind and rough water too. December afternoon light is very enjoyable. I can’t go hiking after work anymore because it’s too dark, but I can still do these walks by the bay.