Purisima Creek Redwoods – Part 2, Up

As promised here are the photos from the second half of my hike at Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space preserve yesterday morning. I’ve hiked here a few times, and one thing I figured out is that there’s an 11 mile hike that feels easier than a 7 mile hike, because it cuts off a very steep portion of Harkins Ridge Trail, which is murder I tell you! Instead, you get to go up ┬ámost of the way on some lovely graded switchbacks and only have to slog it up one small section of the evil Harkins.

So after I walked down to the bottom of Whittenmore Gulch, I crossed over to the other side of Purisima Creek, and went back up. Connecting back to Harkins is Craig Britton Trail, which might be the prettiest part of the park, though a bit treacherous with a narrow path and a steep drop. Then it’s back to the parking lot the same way I came in, on North Ridge Trail, also lovely. The tree rain fell the entire time, just enough of a nice sprinkle to keep me cool and refreshed. I’ve been here when it’s sunny and it can be a bit unpleasant when you’re ending your long hike with the sun beating on you as you try to remember why you decided this was a good idea.

I didn’t have any of those feelings yesterday though. The foggy overcast weather is the best weather. I only took my wide angle lens with me. This is why I bought it, anyway. It’s light and I can take pictures of lots of trees at once, which might capture something of the incredible size of everything in redwood rain forests. Here are the photos from the trek back up: