I captured quite a few interesting leaves at the park yesterday with my 100 mm macro lens. So for a change from flowers, here is some foliage:


Miniature Moss Forest

Finally, after a solid week of rain, I was able to go out and take some pictures after work yesterday. And of course, now it is just gorgeous everywhere. So green. New flowers blooming. I took lots of pictures of those things.

But today I want to share these photos of moss growing on a curb in the late afternoon light as I was headed back to my car. Moss is so intriguing. When you look at it closely you can see another world. And there are so many different types of Moss Forests to see. I love that the macro lens can capture things I can’t see with my naked eye.



Today’s photos are a selection of the best shots I took on my recent trip to Santa Cruz that feature the color green.

succulent swirl

Green is soothing on the eyes. I lived in Phoenix Arizona for a couple years and I remember how it felt when I would travel somewhere with lots of green growing, as if my eyes were refreshed and relaxed by the sight

shiny green berries

Springtime and everything is saturated with the color of growing.

shallow dof

Playing with a shallow depth of field is fun. I like the way the shadows look in the previous photo.

maple light and shadow

The detail on these maple leaves with the sun shining through them is so intricate.

Motion Path Green

This plant at the UCSC arboretum looks like it has been frozen moving through space and time.

succulent tower


A tower of succulent greenness.