Motion and Light

I just returned from SIGGRAPH, the world’s largest computer graphics conference in Anaheim, CA. In addition to all of the fun new and exciting tech, there was an art gallery and it turned out to be the most entertaining part for me. I especially loved “Submergence” the installation that is the subject of these photos.

The piece consisted of over 8,000 lights hanging from above that were changing colors synchronized to music. Viewers were able to walk into it, causing the giant lighted rows of beaded curtains to swing and sway.

I set 0.5 to 2 second exposures on my camera and took a lot of abstract light painted photos, capturing the motion of the lighted beads, the colors changing, and my own motion. I have not edited these images aside from some cropping. I had a blast shooting these. Enjoy! (click the images for a larger version)



Summertime Textures

Honestly this is my least favorite time of year to go hiking. It’s so dry and dusty and hot and harsh (even though it’s not particularly hot this summer so far). And there are very few flowers. But, it does have its charm. I like the photos I took more than I liked being up there today. The light is great and there are a lot of translucent leaves creating interesting compositions.

Since there were no flowers to look for, I looked up a lot more than I usually do and found a lot to see up there. Enjoy!