Morning Light

I have been meaning to go to the park in the morning, just to see what kind of photos I might get of my flowers in different light than what I typically see in the afternoon. I want to work on a larger colored pencil drawing soon, but so far the right photo hasn’t presented itself. It has to definitely be the right one, because a larger colored pencil piece is going to be a big time commitment. Did I get the photo today? Maybe. I will have to see how I feel about it going forward.

I did get some very nice light photos though. You can feel the atmosphere- early, sun low in the sky, summer, it’s going to be a hot day.


Crystal Springs Reservoir Multiuse Trail

My real job has been kicking my butt lately so I haven’t been finding nearly as much time for photography, or art for that matter, as I would prefer. Frustrating, honestly. I would like to work exactly 40 hours a week and have nobody bother me when I’m not at work. What jobs exist that are like that today? It seems like it’s a dying concept- the idea of a separation between your life and your job. If you want to make more than minimum wage, it seems like you are expected to always be attending to your job a little, even if it’s just checking email. This is not the same as actual Time Off, FYI, Corporate Masters. Your minions are all stressed and miserable. I’m sure it loses you money somehow.

This morning I went for a 7 mile walk along the Crystal Springs Resevoir. I’ve posted about it before, I’m sure. It’s a good walk if you want some lovely scenery, but flat, no hills. Very pretty early in the morning. Actually, I wouldn’t consider going any time other than dawn. The parking gets nuts anytime after 8:30 on the weekend. I’m not a big fan of Lots of People when I’m walking. Anyway, the photos: